The home of the Grandfather of Sprinkler Systems With over 170 Years of Experience Wes Worsham Fire Protection


Yes!! The rumor is correct! I have started another fire protection company! Wes Worsham Fire Protection, LLC has opened its doors as of January 15th, 2005, and is located at 8420 Meadowbridge Road, Suite I, in Mechanicsville, Virginia. This is not far from where I based my other companies, dating back to 1964.

I have put together a team that includes myself, Wes Worsham, as President; Floyd (Lenny) Allmond, Jr. as Executive Vice President, who started with me in 1971; Wayne Atkins (Fat Boy), Vice President of Field Operations who started with me in 1969; Wayne Taylor, Vice President of Sales, who started with me in 1971, and Allen Mills, as Vice President of Design who has been with me or one of my former companies since 1990. We have all worked together in the past and as a group, we have 170 years of experience to serve you.

For the last 5 years, I have been with East Coast Fire Protection as Vice President of Customer Development. During that time, I enjoyed working with Jim Toups, President of ECFP. Our working relationship and the rewards were great, but I felt as though something was missing.

In late December 2004, I realized how much I missed working in the trenches with my fellow employees. I felt like I could fill the void by reuniting the old team, getting this new company up and going, and leaving something for the team that had contributed so much to the other successful companies we had built.

We will be working the Tidewater, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Roanoke ares to cover the State of Virginia. either I or members of our team will be around to see you soon. Until then, feel free to contact me at the address above or by phone --- (804)730-5301. Our fax number is (804)730-5304, and my email address is

Wes Worsham Fire Protection, LLC is a new venture and is not affiliated with Worsham Sprinkler Company or Wes-Way Sprinkler Company. Looking forward to seeing and working with you again.


Wes Worsham

8240 Meadowbridge Road, Suite I
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116
Phone: (804)730-5301
Fax: (804)730-5304
Cell Phone: (804)761-2718